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Collage Competitions is a cycle of competitions for prospective thinking in terms of urban planning, architecture, political, social and economical spaces in a global scale.

Students, architects, urban planners, designers, artists and all active thinkers are invited to submit their ideas and share their visions to the world.

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POINTS OF VIEW >> Part 2 / Chapter 3:
12/18/12 by Joanne - No comments

  CollageLab: In one of your latest posts, Official Report on the Question of the so-called New York Commune, you draw delicately the fictional landscape – in terms of time and space…

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POINTS OF VIEW >> Part 2 / Chapter 2:
11/26/12 by Joanne - No comments

Collage: Architecture as a political weapon? It implies that architecture has something to fight against? The re-new-ed “trend” – which may disappear or not – of engaged architecture in a political level…

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The countryside in the city – Joseph Redwood Martinez’s report on the 2#WORK competition jury
11/04/12 by Joanne - No comments

  The premise was simple enough: propose a vision for post-capitalist work. But since there was such a range of responses–most of which took a generous detour from the prompt as written–the…

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Sharing points of views >> Part 2 / Chapter 1:
10/01/12 by Joanne - No comments

We are really honored to launch a second series of shared points of views. This time, we talk with Leopold Lambert, the man – extremely productive – behind the – highly recommended…

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labor work action seva
work, action, labor, seva by Joseph Redwood-Martinez
09/24/12 by Joanne - No comments

As an introduction to the work and interests of Joseph Redwood Martinez, member of the jury for the second opus of the competition, we are happy to let you discover one of…

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Tempelhof and “The World is not Fair” – a subjective review
09/08/12 by ioana - No comments

Entering a city is being swallowed by it. Every new-born, tourist, business-man, beggar, parent, dog, fox or whatever living creature ventures on this artificial territory is, willingly or not, drawn into its…

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©Joanne Pouzenc
Venice report #2: I never thought Foster could make me cry.
09/06/12 by Joanne - No comments

  By entering the Arsenale, one faces the COMMON GROUND, right there, in big blue letters on a white wall. Apart from the beautiful pictures of a depraved Eastern Germany Landscape by…

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Venice report #1: the Venezuelan case
09/02/12 by Joanne - No comments

  The Venezuelan room, curated by the highly recommended team of Urban Think Tank with Justin Mc Guirk received the Golden Lion for the best project in the current Venice Biennale. It…

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Sharing points of views >> Part 1 / Chapter 3:
09/01/12 by Joanne - No comments

Opus n°3 of our on-going conversations with Daniel Fernandez Pascual, author of the wonderful ………………………………………………………….   CollageLab: Actually, when you mention the case of Haussmann’s Paris, David Harvey is going further: in…

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The real outcome of the Venice Biennale 2012
09/01/12 by Joanne - No comments

It’s a real opportunity to attend the preview of the Venice Biennale. This is what I have to say. Because it is… or… Is it? Whereas you all read for some days…

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Too much or not enough – choose
08/09/12 by Jordan Ellis - 1 comment

    Canada’s capital, Ottawa, sits at the intersection of 3 rivers (Rideau, Gatineau, Ottawa) and the Rideau Canal, with the Gatineau hills – part of one of the oldest mountain system…

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Toronto Skyline Collage
Toronto: The Land the Crash Forgot
07/12/12 by Jordan Ellis - No comments

  They say that hindsight is 20/20, but perhaps memory is not so clear. The recent financial crash, and the coincidental crash in the global real estate market, is by no means…

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Stop City by Dogma
STOP CITY – Imposing the Limit
06/19/12 by ioana - No comments

    “Stop City” is a utopian project of the Italian-Dutch architectural office DOGMA, a sort of manifesto which sets a theoretical base for most of their work. It is a critique…

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Capture d’écran 2012-06-08 à 08.56.04
The dreamy gated life – Real estate in Tamil Nadu, India
06/04/12 by Joanne - No comments

While riding through Tamil Nadu in Southern India, the sensation of time and distance appear to be quite different from what I know, used to high speed highways and comfortable sits on…

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Capture d’écran 2012-06-08 à 08.58.30
The – indispensable – Century of the Self, from Adam Curtis
06/03/12 by Joanne - No comments

These are the links to the absolutely recommendable and indispensable 4 hours documentary from Adam Curtis in which he offers us an overview of the 20th century through the development and evolution…

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Sharing points of views >> Part 1 / Chapter 2:
06/01/12 by Joanne - No comments

CollageLab: The focus on public-space is very present in your blog. The recent tendencies of privatizing public-space, on the one hand, and of reclaiming ‘the right to the city’, on the other,…

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Sharing points of views >> Part 1 / Chapter 1:
06/01/12 by Joanne - No comments

CollageLab is happy to launch a serie of open discussions on urban content: organized through live questions asked to theoretician of the urban fields, this serie has for ambition to collect and…

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Superfluous qualities of architecture
05/31/12 by ioana - No comments

Me: What should an architect do in order to gain money? A German architect: A large urban-design project in China, or maybe win a competition in Russia. In Germany one can do…

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Vacancies Thumbnail2
Vacancies & The System: from Control to Spontaneity
05/07/12 by ioana - 3 comments

The floor is full of broken glass. It makes a rustling sound as it is crushed under your boots. Steel slabs emerge rhythmically through the holes of the ceiling. As you advance…

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Who runs Belgrade? About the Governance map and the necessity of visualizing democracy.
05/07/12 by Joanne - 1 comment

Coming from the initiative of BINA (Belgrade International Architecture Week), Natasa Jankovic, Ana Savic, Alen Spahic and Dubravka Sekulic realized the first governance map for the city of Belgrade.     “The…

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Overview (non-critical) on Auroville, the “politics / religion / money – free” Utopia
04/28/12 by Joanne - 1 comment

Auroville: 870 hectares of land along the bay of Bengal, 6 km north of Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu, India.   Auroville was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa, french citizen, leader and…

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